How to change the session directory?

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The InTime session directory stores run logs as well as InTime configuration files. Its default location is/home/<username>/.plunify in Linux, and C:\Users\<username>.plunify in Windows. The size of the files in this directory will increase over time, so the user may want to change its location. Some IT policies may limit the disk space allocated to the user’s home directory.

More Information:

Before changing the session directory to a new directory, here are some tips to get it to work correctly.

  • The recommended minimum disk space for session directory is 10GB.
  • User must have write permission to the new directory.
  • The new directory cannot be shared by another user.
  • The new directory must have sufficent disk space.
  • Do take note that the recommended disk space is just a suggestion. The actual disk space required may vary depending on the project and number of agents.

For a Linux system that has not run InTime before, there is no need to move the .plunify folder to a new directory. But if InTime has been configured, move the .plunify folder to a new location.

$ cd /mnt/intime/userA
$ mv ~/.plunify .

In Linux, execute the following command in a commandline console. The example below shows the new directory at /mnt/intime/userA.

$ ./ -custom_session_path /mnt/intime/userA

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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