How to fix SSH Agent script timeouts?

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When running InTime in Linux with SSH Agent enabled, you encounter an error message saying,

“This process ran longer than the timeout period (00:00:30) specified for it.”

or similar when submitting a job to the InTime Server.

This may be because there are many hosts that InTime needs to log onto in order to launch InTime Agent(s). The total time allocated to the login and launch steps is limited to 30 seconds by default.

Resolution #1 (v3.2.3 and earlier):

Reduce the number of hosts or number of concurrent runs.

Resolution #2 (v3.2.4 and later):

Set an environment variable called "PL_TIMEOUT_SSHAGENT" and assign it a higher value of 60000 (milliseconds), as an example.

[user@host ~]$ export PL_TIMEOUT_SSHAGENT=60000
[user@host ~]$ ./

or set it in a Tcl script.

[user@host ~]$ cat mytest.tcl
set ::env(PL_TIMEOUT_SSHAGENT) 60000
misc set sshagent enable host1, host2, host3, host4, host5
project open /home/user/myproject/project.tcl
flow reset
flow set run_target private_cloud
flow set runs_per_round 10
flow set rounds 1
flow set concurrent_runs 10
flow run_recipe "hot_start"

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System

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