How to do synchronise Date/Time of a server?

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It is important to ensure that the machines hosting components like InTime Server, License Server, InTime/Agent, have clock synchronised. If not, you may experience issues during job scheduling, database synchronisation, logs and files handling. When using Plunify Cloud, this is very important when all the instances in the cloud are already synchronised to NTP and Cloud providers do not tolerate clock skew that is more than 15 minutes.


Make sure Windows Time Service is started and running with Administrator account. Run the command w32tm / resync to synchronise the time of the server.


Login with root account. Run the command ntpdate -u <ntp_server_host> to synchronise the time of the server.

# ntpdate -u
1 Mar 14:13:42 ntpdate[1370]: rate limit response from server.
1 Mar 14:13:45 ntpdate[1370]: adjust time server offset 0.000561 sec

Applies to:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Linux Operating System

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