How to set PL_PROJ_DIR environment variable

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These are some ways of setting up the PL_PROJ_DIR environment variable.

method #1: Add in intime_vivado_pre_proj.tcl script
[user@host server]$ cd ~/.plunify/intime_vivado_hook
[user@host server]$ vi intime_vivado_pre_proj.tcl

## an example of how intime_vivado_pre_proj.tcl should be ## 
set_param general.maxThreads 4
set ::env(PL_PROJ_DIR) /home/user/github/InTime-Vivado/sample-designs/nonproject_mode
method #2: Add in ~/.bash_profile
[user@host server]$ cd ~
[user@host server]$ vi .bash_profile

## an example of how bash_profile should be ## 
export PL_PROJ_DIR=/home/user/github/InTime-Vivado/sample-designs/nonproject_mode

method #3: When using LSF, add it to USER_ARGS macro using GUI.

method #4: When using LSF, set USER_ARGS macro using tcl command.
misc user_args "-env \"PL_PROJ_DIR=/home/user/github/InTime-Vivado/sample-designs/nonproject_mode\""

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System

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