How to set overfitting preferences?

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From version 1.5.13 onwards, InTime automatically adjusts synthesis and/or place-&-route settings if the design overfits (cannot fit into the target device). The adjustment is automatic and is user-configurable as well. By default, when InTime detects that more than 50% of the strategies in a round has overfitted, InTime inserts synthesis and/or place-&-route settings that help reduce resource utilisation for the strategies in the next round.


By default, the user does not have to do anything.

Here are the steps to take for finer control over the overfitting adjustments. The adjustment preferences are located in <InTime installation directory>/bin/overfitting.ini.

First, perform a backup of this file. Each header represents each individual toolchain. The example below is for Quartus II. Settings are delimited by commas, in the following format:


0 is a reserved word, always use 0.
: is a required separator.
PHYSICAL_SYNTHESIS_REGISTER_DUPLICATION is the setting that the user wants to apply in order to reduce overfitting.
: is a required separator.
PAR is the step in the flow where this setting is used (required).
Off is the setting's value to apply (required).
$ vi /<InTime installation directory>/bin/overfitting.ini 


Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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