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How to avoid running out of memory when running multiple Vivado instances?

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When running Vivado using InTime, certain processes might run for a long time. An example of a process is called "srcscanner". In some cases, it consumes too much memory resources. In extreme cases, the machine may run out of memory. This can happen in certain versions of Vivado like 2018.2.


InTime provides a mechanism to use a "hook script" to pre-empt major Vivado steps, like opening a project. From InTime v2.6.11 onwards, please create a file called ~/.plunify/intime_vivado_hook/intime_vivado_pre_proj.tcl

Insert the following line:

set_param project.hsv.draftModeDefault only

When Vivado starts, the above command will be ran by InTime in order to mitigate the memory over-consumption issue.

Another use case is to control the number of threads that is being used by Vivado. To reduce the number of thread, insert the following parameters.

set_param general.maxThreads 4

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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