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How to Install and Run FPGA Expansion Pack for Vivado

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This is a short guide on how to install and run the FPGA Expansion Pack for Vivado.

1. Before running the FPGA Expansion Pack, you will need a Plunify Cloud account with credits in it. Please visit https://cloud.plunify.com/register to sign up and add credits.


2. After registration, please download the installer of FPGA Expansion Pack at:

• the FPGA Expansion Pack page, or,


• the download page in the Plunify Cloud Web Console.


3. Run the installer and follow the steps.

Select the user scope

Select the user scope

Select the installation path

Select the installation path

Complete the installation

Complete the installation

4. Open Vivado, and notice the 6 new FPGA Expansion Pack buttons on the tool bar.

10_with buttons
Click any one of them to sign in (one-time), and start working on your cloud FPGA project.


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