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Error Message: “License server is not contactable or not responding properly. Please check with your IT administrator.”

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1. This is due to network connectivity issues, such as specifying the wrong IP address for the InTime License Server





2. Another possible cause is that the InTime License Server is not contactable due to high number of jobs / agents. InTime will send "heartbeats" to the InTime Server to check if it is contactable. If InTime Server is busy, it cannot respond fast enough to the heartbeat.


A warning message will appear below.


1. Ensure that the License Server’s IP address is correct. In the InTime GUI, click File > Settings > Run Targets.

2. Check the “Hostname / IP:” and the Port number (39940). Click on the "Test And Configure" button to ensure it is accessible.

3. Check that your firewall policies allow 39940 (tcp/udp), 39941 (tcp/udp), 39942 (tcp/udp) port connections to the License Server.

4. Check if the License Server is contactable via the ping command or telnet command. In the following example, the License Server has the IP address

$ telnet 39940
Connected to (
Escape character is '^]'.

If the above is configured properly and the InTime client is still displaying error or warnings intermittently, please refer to this link - How to tune InTime Server to support more InTime agents and jobs?

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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