Keep only the Design Checkpoints (DCPs) that you want

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Design Checkpoint (DCP) files can be large. InTime retains some compiled DCPs for analysis in order to generate better strategies.

DCP files generated by InTime builds are usually stored under the <project>/ directory. Previously, the user had to manually delete them to free up hard disk space.

From version 2.6.10 onwards, users can specify the number of DCP files to retain. By default, InTime keeps the best two DCP files based on the TNS followed by the WNS.
All remaining generated DCP files are automatically deleted.

Tcl command example

To keep the top 10 DCPs,

plunify> flow set max_dcp_keep 10

InTime will keep the best DCP files for 14 days by default. The next time you launch InTime, the tool will clean up DCP files that are older than 14 days old.

Override the default value of 14 days by editing ~/.plunify/plunify.ini and adding a [dcp_keep_days] group with days=<integer> as a value.
The example below sets the value to 30 days.

$ cat plunify.ini

From version 3.3.0 onwards, users can use tcl command to change the value instead of manually edit plunify.ini file.

plunify> misc set clean_schedule dcp 30

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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