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Optimize in the Cloud

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Optimize in the Cloud is a feature that helps you to resolve/enhance your project timing closure by using InTime software. This is done without changing your RTL source code.

Here are the steps to use 'Optimize in the cloud' feature in your vivado.

1. Click on the "Optimize in the cloud" button.

2. After confirming your credentials,  you should see the below 2 options.

Option Description
Optimize Project Selects this option to use this feature for the currently opened xpr project
Optimize DCP Selects this option to use this feature for a DCP (design check point) file that may or may not be related to this project. If you choose this option, you will be prompted to select a DCP file

3. Once completed, you should see the below message. Within 2 working days, a Plunify engineer will contact you to discuss your project target performance.