FPGA Expansion Pack

Check Job Status

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Here are the steps to check Job Status after submitted your Job using Vivado FPGA expansion pack.

1. Click on the "Check job status" button.

2. After confirming your credentials,  you should see below 2 options.

Option Description
Query Job Status Selects this option to check the status of Job that you submitted for cloud compilation
Query AFI Status Selects this option to check the status of your Amazon FPGA Image (AFI)

3. Check your Job status based on the Job ID. If you wish to cancel the Job, just click 'Cancel' button.

Status Description
NOTSTARTED  the job is not started yet
UPLOADING  the job is currently uploading the project files into cloud
RUNNING  the job is currently compiling the project in cloud
WRITING BITSTREAM  the job is currently creating bit file for the project in cloud
COMPLETED  the job is completed. You may go to download the results now