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How to backup and restore the InTime Server database?

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Since v2.2, InTime Server has been using a database to store related information. Like any database, administrators are advised to perform backup in a scheduled manner.

The following steps describe how an administrator can backup and restore the InTime Server database. When performing a backup, a ZIP file will be created in the InTime Server directory.

Backup via the Private Cloud Console:

user> .admin
admin> .intimeruns.backup 
Created back up file

Backup the Database:

[admin@host intimeserver]$ ./
Created back up (online) at

Restore the Database:

Please shut down the InTime Server before performing a restore operation.

[admin@host intimeserver]$ ./ . intimeruns.h2.db 
Successfully restored database

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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