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How to optimize specific clocks?

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To improve timing performance of Microchip Libero FPGA designs, sometimes it is useful to specify one or more clocks as high priority clock domains.

InTime supports this feature in the Hot Start recipe.


1. Locate the intime_lib.ini in the same folder as your .prjx file.
If this file does not exist, open the project in InTime and it will be automatically generated.

2. Find the section entitled, "[clocking]", and enter the target clocks in the "targetClocks" variable.
For example,

targetClocks = TCK PF_DDR4_C0_0/CCC_0/pll_inst_0/OUT1

where "TCK" and "PF_DDR4_C0_0/CCC_0/pll_inst_0/OUT1" are two different clocks separated by a space.

3. Run the Hot Start recipe, and strategies targeting the specified clocks will be generated.

Applies to:

  • InTime plugin for Microchip Libero
  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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