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How to export Strategies to a Tcl Script via Tcl

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For non-GUI users of InTime, it is more convenient to have a Tcl command to export desired strategies (as a way to reproduce and verify results).


  1. Identify the strategy to export, e.g. extra_opt_2
  2. Note the Job ID e.g. 2351
  3. At the InTime Tcl Console (or in a Tcl script),
    plunify> strategy set_active extra_opt_2 2351
    plunify> strategy export /home/plunify/apply_extra_opt_2.tcl -script_tcl

    In the FPGA tool, source the resulting /home/plunify/apply_extra_opt_2.tcl after opening the project. This applies all the settings required to reproduce the extra_opt_2 InTime revision.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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