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How to update InTime Server using a new installer of the same version?

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When upgrading InTime Server with a new installer of same version, the installer will overwrite the previous installation.

More Information:

  • Download the correct installer, check and make sure the MD5 checksum is correct.
  • Make sure there is no user using InTime during the upgrade and there is no job running.

Copy the installer to the directory where InTime Server is installed, launch a terminal console and goto the InTime Server installation directory. Check the installer permission and make sure to use the same user and group before installing.

[admin@host intimeserver]$ chmod u+x intimeserver_<version>
[admin@host intimeserver]$ ./ -stop
[admin@host intimeserver]$ ./intimeserver_<version>
[admin@host intimeserver]$ ./

Quit InTime Server by closing the command prompt. Double click on the installer and let the wizard guide the installation.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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