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What is the life-cycle of data in the InTime Server?

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InTime Server saves data from builds for analysis and performs automatic clean-up from time to time in order to conserve disk-space.

This article describes the life-cycle of the data and how InTime Server does its housekeeping.

Life Cycle:

  • Source files
    • Kept for 5 days after a job completes, and deleted afterwards.
  • Build outputs
    • Netlists or DCPs are kept for 5 days after job completion before being cleaned up.
    • Build directories are archived in their entirety so that users do not have to compile again to reproduce the results and intermediate files.
      This results in an Encrypted Plunify Archive File (EPAF) for every strategy.

      • Every 6 hours, InTime Server checks the amount of disk-space left.
        If there is less than 3GB left, all EPAFs will be deleted.
      • Per job, 3 EPAFs with the best Total Negative Slack (TNS) will be kept for 2 days.
        After 2 days, those will be deleted as well.
    • Report files are kept for 5 days after job completion before being deleted.
      These are typically files with a .json, .log or .rpt extension.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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