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How to save InTime-related files to a custom folder

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The default directory to store InTime related files is /home/<username>/.plunify (Linux) or C:\Users\<username>\.plunify (Windows). Some IT policies may limit disk space in the user’s home directory. After launching InTime for the first time, the user can change this default directory to a different directory with more disk space.


Before changing the default directory to a new location, here are some tips to get it to work correctly.
In the following example, the user's login name is user10 and the new directory with more disk space /nas/edauser/user10. The MAC address is 0123456789AB

Please ensure that:

  • The ~ (tilde) symbol redirects to the user's home directory.
  • The user has read and write permission to the new location.
  • When launching InTime via in future, always specify the -custom_session_path argument.
$ cd ~
$ mv -r .plunify /nas/edauser/user10

Launch InTime from the command-line with an additional argument:
$ ./ -custom_session_path /nas/edauser/user10

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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