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Why InTime and Quartus results may not match

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You applied an InTime-exported strategy into your original project and compiled it again in Quartus, but the results obtained in Quartus do not match the results you got in InTime. This could be caused by several reasons:

  1. Different Quartus version used.
  2. Quartus running in 32-bit vs 64-bit mode.
  3. Files left over from previous compilation attempts affected the current compilation results.

For details, checks How do I get identical results from compilations in the Quartus Prime software?


Please check the following, starting from the first item:

  1. Verify that the Quartus version used is identical
    1. Check the Quartus version registered in InTime versus the Quartus version that you used
    2. If the version is identical, go to the next checklist item.
      Otherwise, compile your project using the same Quartus version as what InTime used.
  2. Verify that Quartus was always ran in 64-bit mode
    1. InTime always uses Quartus in 64-bits mode. Check that you did the same for Quartus.
    2. If the mode is 64-bit, go to the next checklist item.
      Otherwise, compile your project using Quartus in 64-bit mode.
  3. Use a "clean" project directory to compile
    1. Remove the db/ and incremental_db/ directories from the project directory. (Note: Ensure that your Quartus project is closed before removing these directories!)
    2. Recompile the project in Quartus and verify the results.

If your results still do not match, please contact us at


Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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