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Auto-detect InTime/License Server

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A user who is new to InTime needs to configure its license. This process can be automated by the tools/IT administrator.

InTime reads and applies the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable from the shell where InTime was invoked.
The following example shows a typical approach to saving the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to a file and then applying it before starting InTime.

  • 12345@ points to your FPGA tool's license server.
  • 39940@, point to your InTime/License Server.

'source'-ing the file as seen below saves you the trouble of looking up LM_LICENSE_FILe every single time and is probably what most people are doing.

Taking it further, your administrator can add this LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to the script so that users do not need to 'source' the mylicense file when starting InTime.


[user@host]$ cat /mnt/tools/plunify/intime/mylicense
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=12345@
[user@host]$ source /mnt/opt/plunify/intime/mylicense
[user@host]$ /mnt/opt/plunify/intime/

After InTime starts, go to File > Settings.. > Run Targets
If done correctly, the intended InTime / License Server information will be displayed.


Note: In a Linux environment, multiple license servers are separated by ":". In a Windows environment, the separator is a ";".
There can only be one InTime/License Server specified in the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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