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Resolving a “private subdirectory is unsafe” error message

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A message with contents similar to the following:

[P] /home/user/.plunify/user_123456789012/tmp_1234/ private subdirectory /home/user/.temp/par-123 is unsafe (please remove it and retry your operation)

is reported in the strategy log.


A temporary directory, e.g. "par-123", is created when InTime starts a new job.  This directory's file permission may not be the required "700".  To resolve this,

  1. Delete the "par-123" directory.
  2. Re-submit a job to let InTime re-create it.

(In this example the directory is called par-123. It may be named differently but it starts with "par-".)

cd /home/user/.temp
rm -rf par-123

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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