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“Disk quota exceeded” error message when running InTime

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InTime logs contain “Disk quota exceeded.” or similar warnings and error messages. This is due to InTime’s log or working directories becoming full for the user.

Error (114009): Can't write to database file
Database error: Disk quota exceeded


Clear unwanted files in the user’s home directory to make space. Create and mount a new volume, and move the relevant folder to the new directory. Alternatively, if you are in a Linux environment, create a symbolic link that points to the new directory from the original directory.

[user@host ~]$  ls -ls
4.0K drwxr-xr-x 8 user10 user10 4.0K Jun 22 12:34 plunify -> /mnt/user10_large_disk/plunify

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System

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