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How does Plunify Cloud charge for usage?

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Plunify Cloud uses a credits-based system, where users purchase credits before using the tools and services. It is similar to a prepaid mobile phone plan where you pay in advance for a certain quantity and type of services. Refer to this FAQ page for more information.

Currently, each credit costs *USD $0.084 $0.10. Refer to this page for the latest pricing information.

For example, compiling designs on a *Class 3  RA3 Server for 720 hours (about 1 month) costs 8,640 credits.

  • In this case, a 10,000-credit plan is sufficient.
  • Each credit costs USD$0.10 , therefore a 10,000-credit plan costs USD$1000

By default, credits expire 12 months from the date of purchase. Promotional or free credits may have a shorter expiry. To request an extension, contact your Plunify at P

*Update: Please refer to this blog post about changes in pricing and names of server class.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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