How to check the Logic Cells or Logic Elements of an FPGA device?

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InTime licensing is divided into Professional and Enterprise editions, with different restrictions on the number of Logic Cells (for Xilinx)  and Logic Elements (for Intel).

To ascertain the number of Logic Cells or Logic Elements of a FPGA device, please refer to the datasheet or website of the manufacturer.

Example: Intel

For a particular family, e.g. GX, refer to therange of the Logic Elements (LE) on the website. To view the exact number of LE for a particular device, it is best to use the datasheet.


In this case, for GX650, the number of LE is 612,000.


Example: Xilinx

In the case of Kintex KU3P, the number of Logic Cells is 356,000.

Applies to:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Linux Operating System

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