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How to download Plunify Cloud results?

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When running a job via Plunify Cloud, you will receive an email when the job completes.
Once that email arrives, you can right-click the job in the InTime GUI and download its results.

Sometimes, the build servers may need a few minutes to update the output files; and you will have to initiate a download again for a particular job.

Steps to repeat in order to refresh your results:

Right-click the desired revision(s) to download, and select “Download Remote Results”.

InTime will read and fetch the selected result(s).

File types:

  • Results File: Smaller files, comprising performance numbers and logfiles.
  • Project File: Large files, for example, netlists, checkpoints and other binaries.
    To minimize download times, select only "Results File" first, and depending on the performance numbers, download the "Project File" subsequently for specific results.

Check the "Overwrite existing files and results" option if you do not wish to be prompted in the event of an overwrite.
Note: the latest results will overwrite what has already been downloaded.

Click "OK" to proceed.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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