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How to Sync Results with your InTime Server?

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From version 2.2 onwards, InTime provides a feature to sync results (data) to and from your InTime Server.

This synchronization process ensures that users working in different workstations can access and learn from InTime builds that were executed on the same design. Because you may not want to sync results all the time (for example, teams designing different products may want to keep their InTime data in separate databases) for all designs, InTime gives fine-grained control over the synchronization steps.

Example use-case: User A and B are working on the same project, and issuing InTime builds from different workstations.

central database (superdb)



Syncing Results (for any user):

Here are User A's initial results:


Tell InTime to automatically sync results with the InTime Server after each round by setting the Strategies -> Auto-Sync Results property to True (default).
Set it to False to sync your results at a later time.


Importing Results:

If User B would like to import User A's results, first open the design in InTime and then go to File > Import Results.
Follow the steps in the ensuing Wizard to import the results directly from the InTime Server.

  1. Select the option to import from the InTime Server.
  2. Next, select the project to import results into.
  3. Finally, check the results of the project(s) that you would like to import.

If no results are available, you may not have sufficient InTime Server Access Control List privileges to access them.




After syncing the data, InTime result history will show:


Note: The (local) "Job ID" field may be automatically changed as there might already be a job with the same Job ID. The changed Job ID will be in grey.


Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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