How to Launch and Use the Cloud Server in AI Lab?

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You will first need a Plunify Cloud account. If you haven't gotten one, please sign up here.

1. Launch a cloud server

Go to Sign in AI Lab with your Plunify Cloud account credentials.

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After signing in, you will be directed to the "Start Server" page. Select your preferred tool/software.

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The next step is to select your preferred server/hardware.

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You may check your selections under the "DESCRIPTION" panel on the right side of the page. After confirmation, click on the "Launch" button to start the cloud server.

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It will take about 2 minutes to start the server. Once it is started, you will have your server's IP address, VNC access password.

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Please take the time to read the important notes below.

  • Your Xilinx software is installed under the /mnt/opt/Xilinx/<Version>/ folder.
  • The default user is "Ubuntu". Please save and create all files under the /Home/Ubuntu folder.
  • Remember to terminate your server after you are done by clicking on the terminate button. Closing the VNC client is not termination! If you do not terminate the server properly, the usage charges will continue.


Use any VNC client software. Open a VNC client to access the server. Input the IP address and the access password.

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2. On the cloud server - operate Vivado

After successfully logging onto the server with VNC, you can start any tasks on the desktop. To use Vivado, open the terminal.

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Refer to the instructions from the notes on the path to the tools. (It is usually located under /mnt/opt/<tools>.) Source the settings file and launch Vivado.

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As not all folders are writable, if you are starting a new project, remember to save your project files under /Home/ubuntu/ subfolders.

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Operate Vivado normally as if it is on your desktop.

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3. Terminate the cloud server

Terminate your software if they are still running.

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Go back to the AI Lab web portal, under "Current Servers", find and click on the big red "Terminate" button. You will see a message saying that your server is terminated.

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To confirm that your termination is successful, under the "Account" page, you can check that the server is terminated and also the number of credits used.

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Click the "Logout" button to exit.

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