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How to change the geometry or display resolution of the AILab desktop?

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The default display resolution for an AILab desktop is 1600 x 900. This might not be suitable for everyone. To rescale the desktop, there are 2 methods

Method A: Change the resolution

To change this resolution (or geometry in VNC), you can do this

  1.  Open a terminal in AI Lab
  2. Enter the below at the command prompt
    echo "vncserver -kill :1; vncserver -geometry 1920x1080 :1" | at now
  3. This command will terminate and restart your VNC server (responsible for the resolution) to be displayed at "1920 x 1080" as specified above.

Method B: Use the web VNC functions

Another method to scale your screen without restarting the VNC is to use the web VNC browser buttons.

Choose the "Scaling Mode"

  1. "Local Scaling" will shrink or expand the desktop based on your browser window size.
  2. There is no visible difference for "Remote Resizing"  or "None". It will just use the current display resolution for your remote desktop session.

Note that there is also a "full screen" option to not see the browser at all.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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