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Run InTime in Tcl (Command-line) Mode

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The InTime design optimization software can be run on the command-line or from a Tcl script. By inserting a single command in your existing Vivado Tcl script, you can invoke InTime to optimize your design.

In addition, InTime supports designs created in Vivado's non-project and project modes as well.


  • Latest version of InTime installed.
  • The desired Vivado version and license are properly registered in InTime (Configuration Guide).
  • One of the two usage modes:
    • (Non-project mode) A post-synthesis checkpoint (DCP) on which link_design has been executed, so that all constraints and IP core dependencies are in the DCP.
    • (Project mode) An XPR file
  • An InTime Tcl script (see respective example below)


  1. Refer to the guide on using Non-Project mode.
  2. Refer to the guide on using Project mode.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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