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Why does the Plunify Crash Reporter form appear?

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This is due to an InTime software crash. Diagnostics files are generated for Plunify to further investigate the issue.



  1. Click on “Send Report To Plunify” button if the network connection allows access to the Internet. Do note down the 36 characters (example: 56517f4a-30c4-99ef-12d77844-79d399e0) report file ID before clicking the button.
  2. If InTime resides in an isolated network (no access to the Internet), note down the 36 characters report file ID and proceed to the following directory /home/<username>/.plunify/crash_reports. Send the files (example: 56517f4a-30c4-99ef-12d77844-79d399e0.dmp and 56517f4a-30c4-99ef-12d77844-79d399e0_intime.log) to Plunify via email.
  3. Close the form and relaunch InTime.

Applies to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Windows Operating System

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