Announcing Micropayments – High Performance Cloud Experience Starting from $2.89

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Announcing Micropayments – High Performance Cloud Experience Starting from $2.89

We launched the Plunify Cloud platform in 2018 and introduced 2 new tools for FPGA designers. Corporate users can use the FPGA Expansion Pack (FEP) plugin to easily compile their designs in the cloud from Vivado. Another tool, AI Lab, allows FPGA designers to start a virtual environment in the cloud without worrying about the tool licenses and FPGA server configuration.

Announcing Micropayments Support - New Tiers Starting from $2.89

All our tools, like FEP and AI Lab on Plunify Cloud, run on a pre-paid cloud credit system. To cater to the diversified FPGA crowd, we are excited to announce that Plunify Cloud now supports micro-payments for WeChat Pay.  For WeChat users, you can now purchase 30 credits at only RMB19.90. This is just USD 2.89With WeChat, you can simply scan the QR Code on the website for payment.

For credit card users, do not fret. There is also a new tier for you - USD $9.90 for 100 credits.  100 credits are sufficient to run a basic server with FPGA tools for more than 15 hours.

Having micro and small payments enable our users to pay for what they need. They don't get a bill shock at the end of the day.

What Can You Do with the Credits?

Credit consumption depends on the cloud server type and the using time. An example of the specs and costs of available cloud servers are listed as below.

AWS Server Class vCPU ECU MEM (GiB) SSD Credits / Hr
CA1 2 9 4 Yes 2.5
CA2 4 17 8 Yes 3.5
CA3 8 34 16 Yes 5.7
CA4 16 68 32 Yes 9.9
ZA1 2 15 16 Yes 3.7
ZA2 4 28 32 Yes 6.3
ZA3 8 53 64 Yes 11.8

Refer to this FAQ for the latest information about servers and pricing.

The Future of FPGA Design

Cloud computing makes massive compute-power available to the public at fingertips. The cloud is the future of professional FPGA development and collaboration. It is also a great gateway for new learners to jump straight to designing without all the installation and tool setup headaches.

Here is a quick start guide for Plunify Cloud. Check it out and sign up to start your cloud journey here and get 25 free credits!

What’s more, you could also have 50 free credits simply by inviting a friend to sign up, and the invitee will have the same amount of free credits as well.

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