Sharing design intelligence within an organization


Sharing design intelligence within an organization

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature - Central Database (CD), in InTime. In previous versions of InTime, the visibility of compilation and analysis results is limited to individual users.  With CD, it gathers design data more efficiently across multiple users and different projects within your organization and enables sharing across different workstations and users.

Below is a scenario on how CD can help an organization with multiple projects.


Tom checks out project Y from source control to his workstation. One week later, his colleague Julie checks out the same project to her workstation. She knows that Tom already spent one week on Project Y with InTime. She runs InTime, imports Tom results and is now able to leverage Tom's data in her work -- optimizing her version of the same project more quickly. Before InTime 2.2, it would have been nearly impossible for Julie to import Tom's data into her InTime builds.

central database (superdb)

After she has completed her work, Julie can export her data to the InTime Server and likewise Tom can import Julie's results to assist with his builds.

Steps to sync data

Here are Tom's initial results:



In InTime 2.2, Julie can decide whether or not to pull in Tom's results using Sync Results menu.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.40.50

After syncing, Tom's results show up in Julie's InTime panel:


She can now make use of what Tom ran previously. This syncing mechanism is also useful in scenarios like switching workstations while working on the same project.

Note: The (local) "Job ID" field may be automatically changed as there might already be a job with the same Job ID in the pulled results.

In summary, CD allows user more flexibility to switch workstations in an enterprise and enables better collaboration between users in a team working on a same design.

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