Maximizing Every Second of Your InTime Usage — New Reporting Functions Debut

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Maximizing Every Second of Your InTime Usage — New Reporting Functions Debut

Ever wondered how efficient InTime when it is helping you and your team optimize FPGA designs? When using the InTime Private Cloud, are you curious about whether your team has sufficient licenses to meet performance targets on time? Is there a need to increase the number of licenses?

These questions represent important metrics for decision maker(s) and management. Plunify has released InTime versions 2.x with new reporting features. Let’s open the new InTime Server and try them out!

Brief Steps

  1. Navigate to the InTime Server installation path, and execute to enter the management interface.
  2. Type .admin to switch to the administrator role
  3. Then type the command .report.detail and follow the instructions to enter both the start and end dates (in YYYY-MM-DD format) for the report.
  4. Use any web browser to open the link of the generated PDF report.

The steps are shown in the screenshot below:


Now, just copy and paste the resulting link in the browser to view the report. The Summary Report is simple and concise for reporting purposes.



Currently, you can use the detailed usage and summary reporting functions, with .report.detail or .report.summary respectively. The summary report shows only the user's total usage time statistics and the Maximum Concurrent runs (the closer this number is to the licenses you have, the more effectively you are maximizing the InTime Private Cloud!).

Need more licenses? Just contact a Plunify agent or distributor in your region.

Want to try out Plunify’s InTime FPGA optimization or the detailed usage and summary reporting features in this article? Simply send email to


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