Plunify Cloud – A New Chapter for the FPGA Community

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Plunify Cloud – A New Chapter for the FPGA Community

Today we announce an exciting new partnership with Xilinx to provide on-demand licenses of the best-in-class Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions software on the Plunify Cloud. Plunify Cloud is built upon the largest cloud provider - Amazon Web Services.

What you can look forward to under the new Plunify-Xilinx agreement is a cloud-based platform encompassing the following:

FPGA Expansion PackFPGA Expansion Pack is a Vivado plugin that enables you to compile your designs on high-performance servers straight from your local Vivado GUI.


AILabAI Lab is a no-fuss, no-download cloud development environment. You can run and master machine learning and artificial intelligence applications with FPGA tools priced by the hour*.

InTime logoInTime for Cloud is the same InTime tool for optimizing FPGA designs, with additional cloud capabilities. No local resources required to improve timing performance, but with even faster turnaround times.

Here are 4 reasons to consider the cloud

No matter if you are an FPGA engineer, an FAE, a software engineer or even a development team manager, you have a certain understanding of cloud computing. Shifting part or all of your project workflow to the cloud is a big decision and you have every right to know if a cloud platform can do what you need, at a cost that you want.

That’s why we are introducing Plunify Cloud – the platform that leverages AWS and a ready supply of hourly* Vivado licenses to speed up your design flows.

1. On-demand, Hourly* Licenses and Compute Power

Exclusive Hourly Vivado License

Plunify Cloud combines that with hourly Vivado licenses* as a result of our exclusive partnership with Xilinx. This enables on-demand usage and is very much ideal for periods of peak demand, for example, when you suddenly need more servers and licenses to crunch builds. Or you have a short 3-month project and you rather not pay for high capital costs. Plunify Cloud users pay for what they use, when they use it.

2. Security – Backed by AWS

Security by AWS - the Largest Cloud Provider in the World

Plunify Cloud leverages AWS infrastructure and adds layers of user authentication as well as file transfer security on top of the existing framework. Network firewalls and VPCs enable private networks and control access to servers and applications. Data encryption in transit with TLS for your design files, and at rest on AWS storage and database services, such as EBS and S3.

3. Ease of Use - FPGA Engineers Are Not IT People. We Know.

Easy to Use, No IT Woes

One of the main goals of Plunify Cloud is to provide ease-of-use. FPGA engineers are not IT people. We need it to be easy. The FPGA Expansion Pack is fully integrated into your local Vivado GUI so you can work on your designs without leaving Vivado. AI Lab requires just a laptop with an Internet connection to be able to start developing your own machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

4. Better Quality of Results - Design Optimization in the Cloud

Cloud FPGA Optimization By InTime

If there is 1 reason to use the cloud for FPGA designers, this is it - Quality of Results. FPGA designers who have heard of or used InTime before will recognize the time-savings gained from using multiple machines to optimize designs or close timing. Plunify Cloud brings the cloud to the InTime tool. (If you are new to InTime, try our risk-free, success-based InTime service.)

Sign up for a free Plunify Cloud account at To know more details, visit Here is a link to the press release.

*From Dec 5, 2018, all the tool licenses will be upgraded to Per-Minute Billing. More flexible and more convenient!

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