Safer in the Cloud?

Security has long been one of the first and most pressing questions for the cloud. Users and business owners are naturally wary about placing sensitive data in the hands of a 3rd-party. This is especially true for the semiconductor chip design industry, and rightly so.

However, one point which is gaining acceptance is that if one is concerned about security and does not have the resources to constantly monitor and implement the latest safeguards, why not entrust security to a dedicated provider? This trusted provider is industry-certified and spends all its time worrying about protecting their customers’ data because simply, they will go out of business if that data is compromised.

As described in the articles below, small and medium businesses can probably benefit most from adopting cloud solutions.

“Small and medium businesses are insane not to leverage the advantages of cloud computing,”

No system is foolproof, and we will hear about data leaks from time to time, but from experience, it seems reasonable to say that specialized providers like Amazon are often better-positioned to handle security in many cases.


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