How to send us a “clean” log file

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How to send us a “clean” log file

Based on feedback, we understand that it is sometimes not easy for users to send us InTime log files when they encounter an issue. This is because the log files may contain what is seen as confidential information.

In order to set our customers at ease, we have included a Tcl script to replace sensitive keywords in any InTime log file with Xs, before a user sends any log file to us.

This script supports Vivado and Quartus projects, and can be run in a Windows or Linux command-line terminal. The idea is very simple -- it will first read the design to collect keywords related to module names, instance names, the project name and the target device name. Next, it parses the specified log file and replaces the keywords with Xs before printing the result to a new output log file. The original log file is left unmodified.

Customers can inspect the output log file to make sure it is safe before sending it to us. If necessary, extra keywords to clean up can be specified via the -incl argument.




Please refer to this article for details on how to use this script.

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